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Male Infertility Specialist and Treatment in Ahmedabad




30-40% cases of infertility are due to male factor. Cases of infertility are on rise owing to the current life style trends, food habits and increased use of electronics.

However, there are number of treatments available to treat male infertility that can increase the chances so it cannot be said that you can never conceive a baby. MAA Women’s Hospital is proud to say that it has treated numerous infertile couples. It has more than 75% success rate

What Causes Infertility in Male?

  • Absence or low levels of sperm Incapability of producing sperm or producing low level of sperms which can be related to your infertility
  • Abnormal shape and low motility of the sperm This can prevent meeting of sperm with egg
  • Hormonal abnormalities They may produce low level or poor quality of sperms
  • Chromosomal abnormalities Change in number and structure of chromosomes can affect the fertility as half of the DNA is carried by the sperm of testicles
  • Varicocele Where the veins of testicles get enlarged, it can directly affect the shape, size and number of sperms.


  • Excess Exercise Lifting heavy weight too much, too much of cycling can increase the risk to infertility.
  • Age After the age of 45, fertility decreases naturally. The quality and quantity of sperm gets diminished.
  • Medications Some medications can reduce fertility
  • Retrograde ejaculation When semen goes backwards into the bladder instead of getting out of the penis
  • Anxiety, depression can lead to infertility
  • Erectile dysfunction difficulty in maintaining an erection
  • Bad habits like tobacco, alcohol and smoking

Investigations & Diagnosis for Male Partner

  • Detailed history (counseling) & examination.
  • Routine blood and urine investigations.
  • Semen analysis after 2-5 days of abstinence.
  • Hormonal assay: FSH, LH, TSH, Testosterone, Prolactin
  • Optional tests : semen culture
  • Kruger sperm morphology
  • Sonography & Colour Doppler study of scrotum.
  • Testicular biopsy.
  • Sperm antibodies: Immunobead & MAR test

How to improve male fertility?

  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs
  • Treatment of diabetes or blood pressure if any
  • Regular exercise
  • Reducing or managing emotional stress
  • Maintain hormone level
  • Rich diet which includes antioxidants, vitamins, food contains zinc, whole grains etc.
  • Food contains folic acid that improves the sperm count
  • Ground nut as a source of COQ10 enzyme which helps in boosting sperm count
  • Supplements like L-carnitine, Selenium helps in improving the sperm count and quality
  • Improving sex life
  • Avoid exposure to environmental chemicals
  • Wear loose clothes and reduce extreme steaming or hot water bath
Recombinant gonadotropins though more expensive, have an advantage of nearly null allergic reactions and more consistent results across number of cycles and patients.